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Sciteck® is the leader in Automated Urinalysis and Adulteration testing reagents. We were the first to design, patent and develop reagents for adulteration and automated urinalysis testing products with 35 US & Foreign patents including more than 20 patents pending. Sciteck also specializes in the manufacture of custom reagents, calibrators, and controls to meet your every need in today's changing testing environment. If you need OEM manufacturing or special reagents, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Learn More About Our Synthetic Check Products here!

Learn more about our Synthetic Check Products here!







 A Closer Look at Our Products


glassware colored flask

SVT™ Adulteration Assays



test tubes auto ua

AUTO UA® Liquid Urinalysis Reagents



periodic table corked bottle

Adulteration Calibrators and Controls

SVT, SAM-SET™, & UR-N-Control



AdultaCheck boxes




Synthetic Urine Test Strips

Synthetic Urine check Flyer FOR WEBSITE





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What is Adulteration Testing / Specimen Validity Testing (SVT™)?

What are the regulations concerning Adulteration Testing (SVT™)?

Who was the first to invent, develop and market adulteration reagents?


Automated Urinalysis (AutoUA®)

What Are Adulterants?


Ordering and Sales Information

Sciteck® Diagnostics
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Telephone: 800-749-4537
Outside US: 828-650-0407 / 828-650-0408
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