Sciteck’s Diagnostics is the leader in new technology development and have been since 1989

Sciteck® Diagnostics key personnel have years of experience and expertise in the Field of Forensic Toxicology, Clinical Chemistry, OEM manufacturing research, development, and application.

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Sciteck‘s Diagnostics:

The Scientists at Sciteck and the company it evolved from, Chimera Research, have been providing liquid reagents to laboratories for specimen validity testing in urine specimens submitted for DAU testing since 1989. Sciteck has the most extensive patented and patent pending technology for SVTadulteration. The SVTline consists of assays for pH, Specific Gravity, Nitrite (Non-Corrosive), Aldehydes, Oxidants, Chromate, Creatinine, and Halogens to include bleach. All 8 assays are liquid ready to use reagents for use on automated chemistry analyzers (Hitachi, Olympus, Beckman, etc.) and all produce quantitative and/or qualitative results for each analyte. Sciteck also provides a complete line of integrated controls and calibrators. Sciteck's Scientist was also the first to develop, design and patent On-Site Adulteration Testing products (AdultaCheck® series). Unlike our competitors, Sciteck actually develops and patents new technology to make your job easier.