Sciteck® Diagnostics Extensive Line of Adulteration Calibrators and Controls meet and/or exceeds every CAP FDT (The Gold Standard), SAMHSA (HHS) and CLIA Guideline requirement and cutoff. Many of our Calibrators are NIST Traceable.

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SVT™ Specimen Validity Testing Controls 1, 2 and 3   SAM-SET™ Calibrators and Controls Series    UR-N-CONTROL™      AdultaCheck® Quality Controls Series

Custom Calibrators and Controls: Just contact us if you are interested in having a custom calibrator or control manufactured for your specific needs.

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Sciteck® Diagnostics line of Calibrators and Controls are for use in Adulteration (specimen validity testing) for pH, Creatinine, Nitrite, Chromate, Oxidants, Aldehydes, Peroxidase, Enzymes (amylase) and Halogens (to include Bleach). These Calibrators meet or exceed every regulatory agency (CAP FDT the Gold Standard, SAMHSA and HHS CLIA accredited laboratories) guidelines for adulteration testing on human saliva and urine for use on automated clinical chemistry analyzers or adulteration test strips (e.g. AdultaCheck®). The Calibrator and Controls are not for use in diagnosing disease or illness to effect treatment, and/or cure. They are for Forensic / Toxicology use only. The Calibrators and Controls are ready to use liquid controls for use on autoanalyzers or dry chemistry methods. They are sold individually or in sets and may be used with any reagent lot. 

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