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The Scientist at Sciteck owns virtually all of the patents and patents pending on Adulteration Testing Reagents and On-Site Products since the 1980's. We were the first to patent, develop and market adulteration testing reagents and on-site adulteration test strips. Anything else is just a copy. The industry for Adulteration Reagents (SVT™) and Products is a yearly multi-million dollar industry.

Adulteration Reagents, Calibrators and Controls (SVT™ Series)

SAM-Set™, SVT™, and UR-N-Control™ Calibrators and Controls for Adulteration Testing to meet Regulatory Requirements

Adulteration Chart 2011

Specimen Validity Testing (SVT™):

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) administers the Mandatory Guidelines for Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs (FWDTP) as specified by Executive Order 12564 and delineated in the Federal Register Vol. 53 FR 11970-11989 and Vol. 59 FR 29908-29931. Current employees, and those seeking employment, under the auspices of the FWDTP, or other federally mandated programs (e.g. DOT, DOE, NRC, and FHWA) are all subject to testing for drugs-of-abuse in urine (DAU) and Specimen Validity Testing (adulteration). It is known that a significant number of unwilling participants in workplace drug testing programs attempt to substitute, modify or adulterate their urine samples in order to prevent detection of illicit drug use. Adulteration methods include the addition of foreign substances to the urine sample or dilution of said sample. Dilution may be “in vitro” (i.e. addition of water directly to the sample) or “in vivo” (i.e. consumption of large volumes of liquid one to three hours prior to collection of the sample. Both forms of dilution decrease the concentration of drug in the test subject's urine. In vivo dilution is usually aided by consumption of a diuretic and “B” vitamins to color the urine yellow.

SVT® Adulteration Reagents:

Aldehydes Reagent, Calibrators and Controls

Chromate Reagent, Calibrators and Controls

Creatinine Reagent, Calibrators and Controls

Halogen (Bleach included) Reagent, Calibrators and Controls

Nitrite Reagent, Calibrators and Controls

Oxidant Reagent, Calibrators and Controls

Proteolytic (Meat Tenderizer) Reagent, Calibrators and Controls

Peroxidase Reagent, Calibrators and Controls

pH Reagent, Calibrators and Controls

Specific Gravity Reagent, Calibrators and Controls

SUDS™ (Surfactant) Reagent, Calibrators and Controls

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