COA (Certificates Of Analysis)

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COA (Certificates Of Analysis):

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Sciteck Diagnostics, Inc. provides the information in these COA's in good faith, but makes no claims as to its comprehensiveness or accuracy. The receiver of this information must exercise their independent judgment in determining its appropriate usage. Sciteck Diagnostics, Inc., makes no representations or warranties, either expressed or implied of merchantability, appropriateness for particular purposes with respect to the information set forth herein or to which the information provided refers. Sciteck Diagnostics, Inc., will not be held responsible for any damages resulting from the use of or reliance

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Certificates of Analysis:

COA Creatinine 5.0 Cal A41035

COA Creatinine 20 Cal 132-01 Lot 011112

COA Creatinine 100 Cal 136-01

COA Creatinine Reagent R2 139-30

COA LE (Leukocyte Esterase Cal) 209-2S

COA Nitrite 500 Cal 211AD-09

COA Nitrite 1000 Cal 211AD-07

COA OX Reagent R1

COA pH 10.45 Std A4114

COA pH 11.55 Std A4115

COA pH 3.0 Buffer Lot 083111

COA pH Buffer 4.5 Lot 032612

COA pH Buffer 9.0 Lot 032612

COA pH Buffer 11.0 Lot 101512

COA pH Buffer 11.0 Lot 080911

COA Refractometer Cal 1.0200

COA SAM-SET™ Nitrite QC 565

COA SAM-SET™ pH QC 10.45

COA Specific Gravity Cal 1.0050 Lot 100412

COA Specific Gravity Cal 1.0300 Lot 092811

COA Specific Gravity Cal 1.0300 Lot 092012

COA SVT™ Level 1 Lot 111006X

COA SVT™ Level 1 Lot 111006XCR2.5

COA SVT™ pH Reagent R1 Lot 051911

COA SVT™ Specific Gravity Reagent R1 Lot 093008

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