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As the Leader and original developer of all adulteration assays and adulteration test strips we are the experts and have been doing this since the 80s. We are patented, published in Peer Review Journals and constantly maintain a vigilence against the constant threat of new adulterants appearing on the market. We have over 3 times as many adulteration assays as our nearest copiers.

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What are Adulterants and How Do They Work?

Accreditation and Regulatory Agencies that requires adulteration testing (CAP FDT, etc.).

Who was the first Scientist to receive a patent, market and sell adulteration reagents for liquid adulteration assays and On-Site Adulteration Dipsticks?

Who was the first company to make, patent, sell and develop adulteration reagents? Sciteck. We're not in the business of copying others!

Adulterants Chart showing all adulterants and their affects on drugs-of-abuse assays, kits and devices?

List of Labs that test for Adulterants in samples submitted for drugs of abuse testing. If your lab is not here and you test for adulterants.

Information about Adulteration Test Strips (AdultaCheck®) for Adulteration Testing that were first developed by Sciteck*.

Adulteration Assays that only Sciteck sells. Why? Because Sciteck is the only company that stays on top of the current market trends.

Automated Urinalysis (AUTO-UA®)

Why does a liquid automated reagent system for urinalysis provide valuable results that have clinical significance when the urinalysis strips cannot? Because quantitative results backed by normalization are far better than a random qualitative result.

AUTO-UA® vs Ames Dipsticks

History of Adulteration Testing

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