SVT™ Creatinine Reagent

(serum or urine) with NIST Traceable Calibrators

Usage: For In Vitro Diagnostic Use in the quantitative determination of creatinine in serum and urine.
Creatinine ratio measurements are used in the diagnosis and treatment of renal diseases and in
monitoring renal dialysis. Creatinine results are also used for in Vivo/Vitro dilution of urine submitted for
drugs of abuse testing.

Method: Colorimetric, Endpoint.

Principle: In an alkaline medium, creatinine forms a yellow-orange colored complex with picric acid. The
color intensity is directly proportional to the concentration of creatinine in the urine and is measured
spectrophotometrically at 505 nm.

Storage & Stability: Open R1 and R2 working Solutions are stable for at least four weeks when stored
at 20° C. Discard NaOH R1, or Picric Acid R2, if any precipitate or turbidity is visible. Reagents and
Calibrators are stable until the expiration date on the container.

Specimen Collection & Preparation: NaOH R1, and Picric Acid R2, and Calibrator solutions are ready
for use upon receipt. No reagent preparation is necessary. If testing cannot be done within 2 days,
specimens should be frozen at -16° to -25° C. Centrifuge to remove solids if necessary.

All urines collected should be handled as potentially infectious.



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