SVT™ Nitrite Reagent (non-corrosive)

with NIST Traceable Calibrators

Usage: For In Vitro Diagnostic Use Only to quantitatively determine the nitrite content of a solution. This
assay is not for use in diagnosing disease or illness to effect treatment, and/or cure; it is For Forensic /
Toxicology This is the only non-corrosive assay designed to detect nitrite in urine samples submitted for
drugs of abuse testing. This reagent will not destroy your instruments, refrigerators or metal parts.

Method: Colorimetric : Endpoint

Principle: In normal clinical testing this test depends on the conversion of nitrate (derived from the diet)
to nitrite in the urine by the action of gram negative bacteria. Nitrite, if present, reacts with the reagent
aromatic amine to form a diazonium salt which couples with an indicator to yield a color complex.
Storage and Stability: Store at 2-10°C. The reagent is stable until expiration date on the container.
Specimen Collection & Preparation: The Nitrite reagent may be used on any freshly voided urine
specimen or urine collected under special conditions, such as first-morning specimens and post-prandial
urine. The urine, collected in a clean container, should be tested as soon as possible (do not centrifuge
or use preservatives).

Regulatory Agencies Recommend: 200 mcg/mL Calibrator Cutoff for Invalid Sample and 500 mcg/mL for
Adulterated. Contact us at for more information. All urines collected should be handled as potentially infectious.



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