SVT™ Peroxidase Reagent

U.S. and Foreign Patents and Patents Pending.

Usage: For In Vitro Diagnostic Use to determine semi-quantitatively the presence of peroxidase in urine.
Method: Colorimetric : Endpoint.
Principle: When peroxidase is present in a urine sample, it reacts with the Peroxidase reagent
containing a substituted benzene compound, activator and forms a color complex, readable at 600 nm.
Storage and Stability: Store at 2-10° C. The reagent is stable until expiration date on the container.
Specimen Collection & Preparation: The Peroxidase reagent may be used on any freshly voided urine
specimen or urine collected under special conditions, such as first-morning specimens and post-prandial
urine. The urine, collected in a clean container, should be tested as soon as possible (do not centrifuge
or use preservatives). If testing cannot be performed within one hour after collection, the specimen
should be refrigerated at 2-10° C immediately and returned to room temperature before testing. Mix
specimen thoroughly before testing.

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