SAM-Set™ Calibrator and Control Series

with NIST traceable Calibrators

Usage: SAM-SET™ Calibrators and Controls are for use with validity testing Reference and Automated
methods to include but not limited automated instruments, pH meters and refractometers to include test
for pH, Creatinine, Oxidants (Nitrite, Chromate Peroxidase, etc), Halogens, Specific Gravity as stated in
the CAP FDT, CLIA, SCDAT, SAMHSA and DOT guidelines for use on human urine. The SAM-SET™
Calibrator and Control Series are not for use in diagnosing disease or illness to effect treatment, and/or
cure. They are for Forensic / Toxicology use only. Calibrators are sold in sets per constituent and may be
used with any reagent lot.

Storage and Stability: Store at 2-10° C. The reagent is stable until expiration date on the container.
Preparation of Calibrators: SAM-SET™ Calibrators are ready for use upon receipt. They are
manufactured and calibrated using NIST traceable equipment. No preparation is necessary.



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