SVT™ Aldehydes Reagent

Usage: For In Vitro Diagnostic Use to detect the presence of aldehydes in solution. This assay is not for
use in diagnosing disease or illness to effect treatment, and/or cure; it is For Forensic / Toxicology use
only. This assay is semi-quantitative.

Method: colorim etric : Endpoint.

Principle: For use with automated systems for drugs of abuse adulteration testing. The analysis is based
on an indicator reaction which gives a change of absorbance in the presence of UrinAid, and / or

Note: UrinAid is a commercial adulterant and is not a by-product of human metabolism.
Storage and Stability: Store at 2-10 ° C. The reagent is stable until expiration date on the container.
Specimen Collection & Preparation: The Aldehyde reagent may be used on any freshly voided urine
specimen or urine collected under special conditions, such as first-morning specimens and post-prandial
urine. The urine collected in a clean container, should be tested as soon as possible (do not centrifuge
or use preservatives).


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